Animation Film Competition

Competition open for Turkish animation films, they are made after 1st of January 2015.

Competition Calendar

Deadline: 29th of September 2017 Friday until 18:00.
Official Selection Announcement: 9th of October Monday.
Award Ceremony: 20th of October Friday.

A film which receives us after the deadline, aren’t accepted by the festival committee.


  • There is no application fee.
  • The entry form is had to fill completely and sent with film copy.
  • One entry form is had to fill for every film.
  • Sending cost is paid by the competitor.
  • Attendance can join with any number of films. Separate attendances should be made for each film.


  • The film that takes place in the competition must belong to attended person or group. If it’s proved that the film doesn’t belong to attended person or group it will be disqualified automatically.
  • It is free to use film materials like film, video, photograph.
  • Any visual effect and animation technic can be used. Any technics like 2D cartoon animation, computer aided 3D animation, stop motion animation and/or any optic, chemical, physical, digital interferences on the visual film can be made.
  • The film can either include a certain story, characters, dialogs or not. Aesthetic and style can be chosen freely.
  • Canlandıranlar Animation Festival has right to show on television, theater, the internet etc. for publicity purposes, up to 10% of the running time of the film.

How to Win?

  • There will be a pre-elimination to see if the film is appropriate to the competition conditions.
  • Pre selection results will announce in 9th of October on Monday.
  • The winners will be chosen by a jury but won’t be announced until the ceremony.
  • Awards are described in Best Film, Best Script and Best Technic sections.
  • If the jury decides no prize worthy film, the jury can don’t make to award.
  • If jury want can make to a special jury award.