Canlandıranlar Talent Camp Films



Turkey, 2016, 6’, Color, Non- dialogue

Director: İdil Ar Uçaner
Screenplay: İdil Ar Uçaner
Production: Berat İlk and İdil Ar Uçaner
Animation: Tuncay Çetin
Classic Animation: Erhan Gezen, Murat Çelik
Concept / Character Design: İdil Ar Uçaner
Music: Kerem Akdağ
Sound Design: Ozan Kurtuluş
Project Consultant: Cemal Erez
Producer: Berat İlk

The screenplay for this is based on the director’s own life story…

The story of a girl who has spent her childhood within nature, only to grow up in the city afterwards… First, we meet the garden of the little girl’s childhood and her friends. The horns in her hair symbolize her connection to nature.

The life inside the garden is filled with joy, creativity, fluidity and love. The little girl has learned love, imagination, feeling, observation and many other things inside this garden. The little child feels huge in the garden!

She cannot make a connection with the masked people of the city, who come to visit the garden from time to time and questions the reason. The emotionless urbanites who have grown distant to themselves are seen only behind these masks.

As she grows up, her visits to the garden grow infrequent. She has now started attending school in the city. There, she feels lonely. As days pass, she feels increasingly smaller. Still, she cannot connect with the masked. One day, she signs a contract and puts on the mask she is handed. Now, she has a job. For years, she works away at a desk; she sits and walks with a permanent hunch, and as she does, even plants desert her. Plants and flowers shed their leaves in the presence of her energy. She holds meetings and lunches with the masked. She is now one of them. She has forgotten all green.

It continues this way until a stray dog guides her in the city.

One day, the girl follows the dog who wants to guide her and discovers a new garden in the heart of the city. She recalls the value of nature and who she is at core.

İdil Ar Uçaner
Born in 1979, Istanbul. After graduating from Mimar Sinan University Industrial Product Design Program, she earned her Master’s degree at the Berlin Kunsthochschule Weissensee. After working in design for a while, she discovered the world of illustration which she decided to pursue. She earned a place at Gobelin’s l’ecole de l’image, the Parisian school well renowned for its productions and continued her animation education at Animwork in Denmark. Here, she got the chance to attend workshops with various pioneering firms from around the world, including Pixar, and found the opportunity to progress in the field of 3D concept art. Currently she works as a freelancer in animation, illustration, character-concept design and directing. She also holds animation workshops for children at various organizations.



INVISIBLE WALLS : Stories of Diffidince

Turkey, 2016, 7’30”, Color, Non- dialogue

Director: Nurbanu Asena
Interview guests: İlhan Poyraz, Ayşe Ünal, Batuhan Türker, Aylin
Music: Damla Pehlevan
Sound: Candaş Erdener
Illustrators: Nurbanu Asena, Çağıl Harmandar, Dilara Polat, Matias Berneman
Editing: Murathan Sırakaya
Producers: Nurbanu Asena ve Berat İlk

’Now again, what is the topic?’
‘It is the insecurities…’

Confidence is loud, insecurities are silent. They are the private thoughts of the sole individual. With the hope of starting a conversation on this silent topic, Invisible Walls shares the confidence/ insecurity stories from four different characters.

İlhan, once lost his trust over society explains the origins of his habit of ‘analyzing people’. Aylin feels ‘stuck’ when speaking in English. Batuhan talks about learning to show his ‘true-self’ and Ayşe shares her thoughts about comparing herself to the ‘others’. While watching their intriguing and sincere stories, insecurity in us giggles with it’s ever presence and we wonder how and when we implanted that feeling in our lives.

Nurbanu Asena
Nurbanu received her BFA degree in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design in 2009. While studying in New York, she participated in exchange programs in Italy, China, Turkey and exhibited works there. In 2010, her short film “One Random Day In Istanbul” selected to be produced by “Animators (Canlandıranlar) Talent Camp Istanbul” and shown in various national and international film festivals. Next year, she was a commissioned artist for the animated parts of the feature documentary film ‘Pablo’, an LA production about the famous graphic/ title designer artist ‘Pablo Ferro’. Since 2012, Nurbanu works as a freelance artist from Istanbul.