Canlandıranlar Animators Talent Camp Films


Directors who want to make their animated shorts send their projects to the selection of Canlandıranlar Talent Camp. The accepted projects are followed for an entire year throughout all stages of production: scriptwriting, storyboard, production, sound, music. Professional consultants are called to give advice, production companies give technical support at various stages. At the end, the short films are presented at a Gala evening of the Canlandıranlar Film Festival. Subsequently films are sent to international festivals. During the Canlandıranlar Festival the gala of the latest films takes place at the opening night and all of the Canlandıranlar Talent Camp films are screened at Istanbul Modern.

Canlandıranlar Talent Camp is supported by: İstanbul Bilgi University, Bahçeşehir University, Eskişehir Anatolian University, Mimar Sinan University and production companies Sinefekt, Anima, Canlandırma Service and Dirty Cheap Creative.


Weeping Willow

04’ 36” // Turkey, // 2014 // Color

Animation: Ethem Onur Bilgiç

Producer: Berat İlk

Script: Ethem Onur Bilgiç

Poem: Nâzım Hikmet Ran

Sound Design: Deniz Tarsus

There was a man; who fought through his entire life. He rode from one attack to another, marched on his horse. He was a brave soldier, fought with his pride. But maybe, it was time to watch the soldiers going along the setting sun under the shade of Weeping Willow.

This short-animated film is a free adaptation of Nazım Hikmet Ran’s poem; “Weeping Willow”

Ethem Onur Bilgiç

He was born in İnebolu in 1986. He started to study graphical design in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2007. He designed cover pages and illustrations for magazines and book covers for publishing houses. He also designed various posters for many festivals. He joined different domestic and foreign exhibitions. He had a solo exhibition, named Tatlı Kabuslar (Sweet Nightmares), in Milk Gallery in December 2013. He won many awards in festivals with his first short animation film called Salkım Söğüt.


ucusan notalar

Flying Notes

Turkey, 2014, 8’19”, Digital, Coloured, Non-Dialogue

Director: Cem Çevikayak

Producer: Berat İlk

Script: Cem Çevikayak

Puppeteer: Cem Çevikayak

Music: Cem Çevikayak

Production: Canlandıranlar Talent Camp

In the land of music and dance, the sounds of note trees fills the air and we hear the harmonious tweets of guitar birds.

Cem Çevikayak

He was born in 1989, İzmir. He graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty Stage Design Programme in 2013. He worked in several plays as a stage designer. Then he participated to puppet making/playing workshops of professionel puppeteers from several countries and learned different tecniques in this field. His first short puppet film “Flying Notes” was producing by Canlandıranlar Talent Camp. Also he works on as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist.




Turkey, 2013, 2’26”, Color, Non Dialogue

Director: Seçkin Yalın, Yiğit Pehlivan

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Seçkin Yalın, Yiğit Pehlivan

Animation: Seçkin Yalın, Yiğit Pehlivan, Demet Erdoğan, Orçun Özdemir

Music: Ray Davies

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

The struggle of a Mediterranean Seal which tries to get away from a greedy fisherman who wants to catch it.

Seçkin Yalın

Born in Mersin and 28 years old. Graduated from Anadolu University, Fine Arts Faculty, Animation Department.

Yiğit Pehlivan

Born in Trabzon and 28 years old. Graduated from Anadolu University, Fine Arts Faculty, Animation Department.




Turkey, 2011, 7’45”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: Jordana Maurer, Giorgio Poloni

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Jordana Maurer

Animation: Giorgio Poloni

Cinematography: Giorgio Poloni

Editing: Jordana Maurer, Giorgio Poloni

Sound: Efe Akmen

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

A little fishing boat on the Bosphorus has to solve a big problem…

Jordana Maurer

Borned in 1981. She grew up in Istanbul until she had to leave for university. She went to Paris, then to New York. She is the co-founder of the animation collective Animated Zeug. Passage is her first independent short film. Jordana still lives in Berlin and Istanbul.



Turkey, 2013, 5’10”, Digital, Color, Turkish

Director: Nazlı Eda Noyan

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Nazlı Eda Noyan

Animation: Nurbanu Asena, Nazlı Eda Noyan

Music: Ozan Baysal

Voices: Nurcan Keskin, Nazlı Eda Noyan

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

The most obvious borders are sometimes not the visible ones, but the hidden.

İsik dikmen


Turkey, 2011, 3’15”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: Işık Dikmen

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Işık Dikmen

Animation: Işık Dikmen

Cinematography: Işık Dikmen

Editing: Işık Dikmen

Music: Görkem Arıkan, Eylül Özmen, İbrahim Özmen

Tasarımı Sound Design: Görkem Arıkan, Ozan Kurtuluş

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

A girl slips into her innerself while meditating. This film is dedicated to period pains.

Işık Dikmen

Işık Dikmen was born in 1985, Bilecik, Turkey. After she graduated from Eskişehir Anatolian Fine Arts High School, she went on to study at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Graphic Design Department. She produced her first short film with the 2010 Canlandiranlar Talent Campus. She designs games and works as a compositing artist for an animation studio in Istanbul.

idil ar istanbul


Turkey, 2010, 2’45”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: İdil Ar

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: İdil Ar

Animation: İdil Ar, Emre Ergenç

Cinematography: İdil Ar

Editing: İdil Ar

Music: Can Ünal

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

A little girl drinks a magic potion and dreams of İstanbul…

2011 Istanbul Animation Festival; Best Turkish Film

2010 Ankara FF; Best Short Animated Film

İdil Ar

Born in Istanbul, 1979. Idil Ar graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Industrial Design Department and had her master’s degree from Berlin-Weissensee Art Academy, College of Design. She discovered the animation and illustration World while working as a designer; and made a decision on improving her skills in these fields. Idil continued her studies at world famous Gobelins l’ecole de l’image in Paris and then at The Animation Workshop in Denmark. While abroad, she attended several workshops of world’s leading companies like Pixar.



Turkey, 2010, 52”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: Dilara Polat

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Dilara Polat

Animation: Dilara Polat

Editing: Dilara Polat

Müzik Music: Jingle House

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

2011 Anifest Rozafa; Jury Special Prize

Ordinary lives in the extraordinary city of Istanbul…

Dilara Polat

Dilara was born in 1997. She was just 13 when she wanted to make her first

animated film “Istanbul Seagull”, and therefore she could not apply for the

Canlandiranlar Talent Campus, but she still received the support from the Campus.



Turkey, 2010, 5’9”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: Nurbanu Asena

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Nurbanu Asena

Animation: Nurbanu Asena

Cinematography: Nurbanu Asena

Editing: Nurbanu Asena

Music: Elif Bleda

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

A taxi driver’s ordinary day in Istanbul…

Nurbanu Asena

Born in 1988 Ankara, Nurbanu decided to work in animation when she was only 8 years old, under the spell of all the Disney cartoons she was watching. At 17 she moved to New York to make her dream come true and went on to earn her BFA degree in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design, New York. She worked in various animation and film projects in New York,

Istanbul, Florence and Beijing during her studies.



Turkey, 2013, 4’40”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: Mert Tügen

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Mert Tügen

Animation: Mert Tügen

Music: Ömer Gazi Yılmaz

Sound: Deniz Tarsus

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

A place where earth and water divided by glass, there are four birds. The smallest one doesn’t have wings to fly and the others make fun of him. One day, light rays on glass cause a fire.

Mert Tügen

Born in Gaziantep in1992, Tügen graduated from GTO Anatolian Fine Arts High

School. He went on to study at animation department of Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty where he is currently a 5th semester student. He still works as a freelance illüstratör.



Turkey, 2011, 4’35”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: Hakan Berber

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Hakan Berber

Animation: Bahadır Çakır, Gökçe Cebecioğlu

Editing: Hakan Berber

Music: Burak Berberoğlu

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

An abstract film that tells the story of the lasts minutes of a girl before dying in

war, set to the lyrics of Nazım Hikmet’s famous poem “Little girl”.

2012 Ankara FF; Special Jury Prize

2012 Mountain FF; Best Animation Film

Hakan Berber

Born in Zonguldak,in 1988, Berber started university in 2007 at the Cinema-TV Departement of Mimar Sinan University. During his studies he directed and did the cinematography of numerous short projects, all the while

working on professional film and advertising sets to gain experience.



Turkey, 2011, 2’30”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: Özgül Gürbüz

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Özgül Gürbüz

Animation Supervisor: Özgül Gürbüz

Cinematography: Özgül Gürbüz

Editing: Özgül Gürbüz, Çiğdem Yersel, Semih Vardars

Music: Mert Oktan

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

A lucky day for a homeless guy…

2012 Women’s Independent Film Festival; Best Animation, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Visual

Özgül Gürbüz

Director Özgül Gürbüz is a professional animator who specializes in character design.




Turkey, 2011, 3’13”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: Deniz Öcal

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Deniz Öcal

Animation: Deniz Öcal

Cinematography: Deniz Öcal

Editing: Deniz Öcal

Music: Ateş Erkoç

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

Story of a working woman with an obsession and an iron waiting for her at home…

Deniz Öcal

Deniz was born in 1978 in Edirne, She graduated from Mimar Sinan University Graphic design departement and went on to work in advertising as art director. After a while she revisited her childhood passion for animation. In 2010 she accepted an intership in KA BUM studyos. Her first short Linear Film was shown at the Akbank Film Festival. Another short Vitality was included in finalists of Charlatan Art competition. She works as an independent illustrator and animator.



Turkey, 2010, 1’55”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: M. Melis Bilgin

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: M. Melis Bilgin

Animation: M. Melis Bilgin, Behiç Alp Aytekin

Cinematography: M. Melis Bilgin

Editing: Behiç Alp Aytekin

Music: Dound Sesign

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

2011 Istanbul International Architecture and Urban FF; Best National andInternational Animated Short

Depicting the multi-layered structure in İstanbul like a Tetris game, the film was produced with stop motion technique, using miniatures and photographs of the real buildings.

Melis Bilgin

Born in İstanbul in 1980, Melis Bilgin is an interdisciplinary artist from Turkey, working in a variety of media including film, animation, painting and theatre. She studied directing and painting at Bennington College, USA and received her graduate degree in film at Istanbul Bilgi University. She regularly exhibits her art, as well as working for staged theatre performances as director and dramaturge. Currently, she is a lecturer at Beykent University Fine Arts Faculty.



Turkey, 2013, 3’40”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: Fulya Tokaoğlu

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Fulya Tokaoğlu

Animation: Işık Dikmen, Dilan Sarı, Fulya Tokaoğlu

Music: Mustafa Şahin

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

An old lady wearing her swimsuit, has to prove to herself that she can use the

diving board to get into the pool.

Fulya Tokaoğlu

Born in İstanbul in 1984, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Animation from Anadolu University, Turkey. She took part in short animation projects called Fly (2008), Infirmity (2011), The Girl Who Slipped Within (2012).



Turkey, 2014, 4’02”, Digital, Color, No Dialogue

Director: Emir Roda Alır

Producer: Berat İlk

Screenplay: Emir Roda Alır

Animation: Emir Roda Alır

Music: Rahmi Mert Özcan

Production: Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

Men swing throughout their destiny which has been chosen among threads of countless possibilities of time.Linking to each other with the help of destiny they search for the new ones either.When everything proceeds in order two stars,which have been watching mankind from the very beginning of their existence, descend to earth.These two stars want to join this big dance.

Emir Roda Alır 

He was born in Ankara at 30 May 1998. He graduated from TED Ankara College Foundation Private Primary School and currently he is a second grade student in Ayhan Sümer Anatolian High School.