France, 95’, 2018, Color, French 

Director & Script: Michel Ocelot

Animation: Yves-Marie Beaufrand, Joris Chapelin, Emmanuel Chapon, Julien Duroure, Benoit Guillou, Florian Sauzet

Music: Gabriel Yared

Producer: Philip Boeffard

In the early 1900s, Belle Époque Dilili, a small-winged girl in Paris, works with her young contractor friend in a park where people from different countries were exhibited just like the zoo. In Paris, which is increasingly corrupt, women, especially young girls, are abducted by a cult, because the chiefs of this cult claim that it is caused by women.

Dilili, who will also be kidnapped but she also meets, with the help of her friend, many entellectuals like Sarah Berrnart, Louise Michel, Marie Curie, Toulouse-Lautrec, Proust, Rodin and discovers the male chiefs who lead the evils underground. Two friends struggle with enthusiasm for light and coexistence on earth.

Paris in this film, which has been redrawn over real photographs, seems like a re-written poetry.