Ernest and Celestine

2012, 80’, France/Belgium/Luxemburg, Color, French

Director: Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner
Script: Daniel Pennac
Art Department: Virgile Bage, Tomislav Findrik
Music: Vincent Courtois
Producer: Eric Beckman, Didier Brunner, David Jesteadt, Henri Magalon, Stephan Roelants, Michael Sinterniklaas, Vincent Tavier

There is a world where the Bears live above ground in their cities and the rodents live below in their underground ones in mutual fear and hate. However, Celestine, an apprentice mouse dentist, finds at least momentary common cause with Ernest, a poor street Bear musician, that gets them rejected from both their respective worlds. In spite of this misfortune, the exiles find a growing friendship between themselves as their respective talents flower because of it. Despite this, their quietly profound challenge to the founding prejudices of their worlds cannot be ignored as the authorities track them down.

Stéphane Aubier (1964) is a Belgian film director and screenwriter. In 2009, he wrote and directed the animated film A Town Called Panic along with Vincent Patar. It premiered at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival and was the first stop-motion film to be screened at the festival.

Vincent Patar (1965) is a Belgian film director and screenwriter.

Benjamin Renner (1983) French, cartoonist and animation artist.