3 Duvar

Aysun Karaosman
2018 | 2:45

The rottenness of human starts between the three walls, in his head. It is in a great confrontation with rottenness. After this conflict, freedom will either win or decay.

About Director
I was born on July 1, 1995 in the Krumovgrad district of Bulgaria. I emigrated to Turkey in 1999. I completed primary and high school in İzmir. In 2014 I won Marmara University Film Design Department. I’m still studying in the same department.

25. Adana Film Festivali – Finalist
19. İzmir Kısa Film Festivali – Finalist

25. Adana Film Festivali, Ulusal Öğrenci Filmleri Yarışması, Canlandırma Dalı, En İyi Film Ödülü

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