Gökçe Onur
2019 | 04:35

A sculptor starts to shape his sculpture with references that are taken from magazines. Then the sculpture that is deformed with the sculptor’s carvings more and more comes to life. When the sculptor runs away with fear, the sculpture watches her awakening body in the mirror. Other side of the mirror transports her to a world that is behind her reflection. In the process of changing herself, she takes different appearances fluidly. How flexible can the boundaries of body be?


About The Director
Gökçe Onur was born in İzmir, Turkey in 1991. She studied mathematics in İzmir University of Economics with full scholarship. Then she went to the Hacettepe University and graduated from Computer Animation and Game Technologies with Master’s Degree.

She works on her animation projects using both 3D and 2D technique.

Fluid is her first film.

5. Marmaris Kısa Film Festivali – Ulusal Seçki
Montgomery International Film Festival
Vierte Welle Festival – #bodypositivity – Official Selection

Short to the Point International Film Festival (Best Animated Short Film of June)

Script: Gökçe Onur
Animation: Gökçe Onur
Character Design: Gökçe Onur
Music: Yavuz Cingöz
Sound Design: Yavuz Cingöz
Other: Berat İlk, Cemal Erez