Golden Future

Gökhan Cılam
2017 | 2:07

In the near future, people have consumed all the energy and mineral resources of the Earth, humanity has been in poverty and starvation. In this dark world, a man called “Gold Alchemist” comes out and deceives people by distributing gold.

About Director
Director Gökhan Cılam born in Izmit, Turkey. He went to study cinema at Marmara Univercity, Fine Arts Faculty.
During & after graduation, he created short animation & fiction movies. His works nominated & awarded in some festivals.
He is published his first book “Virus” at online platforms in 2016.
He is currently composing music, writing stories & making indie films.

-Fabisad Gio Ödülleri, 2017 – Kısa Film Başarı Ödülü
-3. Marmaris Kısa Film Festivali, Canlandırma Dalı, 2017 – Gösterim Seçkisi
-Alternative Film Festival, En İyi Afiş Kategorisi, Kanada, 2017 – Finalist
-Wasteland Film Festival, ABD, 2017 – Gösterim Seçkisi
-1. AFSAD Kısa Film Yarışması, Canlandırma Dalı, Finalist. 2017
-16. İKFD Ulusal Kısa Film Yarışması, Canlandırma Dalı, Finalist. 2018
-16. İstanbul Çevre Kısa Film Festivali, Ulusal Kısa Film Yarışması, Finalist. 2018
-San Mauro Film Festivali, Yarı-Finalist, İtalya 2018

Fabisad Gio Ödülleri, 2017 – Kısa Film Başarı Ödülü

Senaryo Gökhan Cılam
Animasyon Gökhan Cılam
Yapımcı Gökhan Cılam
Karakter Tasarımı Gökhan Cılam
Sahne Tasarımı Gökhan Cılam
Müzik Gökhan Cılam
Ses Tasarımı Gökhan Cılam