2016 |  10:44

The bright light draws two spirits to the dystopian world. In this dark world, the spirits starts make a solid body for themselves with human parts which they find in this world. Every glare makes them take an another step to the unknown.


Batuhan Köksal
He was born in 1987 in Izmir. He studied acting in Dokuz Eylul University. Still continuing his acting and 3d animation works in Izmir.


Script: Batuhan Köksal
Animation: Batuhan Köksal
Producer: Batuhan Köksal
Character Design: Batuhan Köksal
Stage Design: Batuhan Köksal
Music: Cem Tuncer
Sound Design: Cem Tuncer
Narrator: Tuğba Özcivan

2. Anadolu Çizgi Film (Animasyon) Yarışması, Üçüncülük Ödülü. 2016
2. Marmaris Kısa Film Festivali, Canlandırma Dalı, En İyi İkinci Film Ödülü. 2016
17. İzmir Kısa Film Festivali, Ulusal Animasyon Dalı, En İyi Film Ödülü. 2016
4. SETEM Akademi, BAK Ödülleri, Animasyon Dalı, En İyi Film Ödülü. 2016
2. Warsaw Independent Film Festival, Poland, Best Animation. 2016
3. Berlin International Cinefest, Germany, Best Animation. 2016
3. TMFF The Monthly Film Festival, United Kingdom, Glasgow, Special Mentions. 2016
6. Los Angeles Film & Script Festivali, ABD, Best Animation. 2016
1. Truva Atı Kısa Film Festivali, İkincilik Ödülü. 2017
9. Rotary Kısa Film Festivali, Canlandırma Dalı, Mansiyon Ödülü. 2017
15. İKFD Ulusal Kısa Film Festivali, Animasyon Dalı, En İyi Film Ödülü. 2017
1.Malatesta Short Film Festival (İtalya), Best Animation 2017

23. Adana Altın Koza Film Festivali, 2016
1. Ankara Üniversitesi Kısa Film Yarışması, 2016
28. İstanbul Uluslararası Kısa Film Festivali, 2016
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10. Yıldız Kısa Film Festivali, 2017
10.GRAND OFF World Independent Short Film Awards
Fia 2016 İnternational Animation Film Festival
33.Cartoon Club Film Festival
9.Banjaluka İnternational Animation Film Festival
Balkanima, European Animated Film Festival
Warsaw Independent Film Festival
Eindhoven Film Festival
Al Nahj Film Festival
Ploiesti International Film Festival
Cambodia İnternational Film Festival
Los Angeles Turkish Film Festival
Ecozine Film Festival
POST MORTEM Film Festival
Tula International Film Festival
Crossing The Screen
Animation Marathon
Festival Cinema Invisible
SHORT to the Point
Drone Fest Wales
Dracula Film Festival