Orhan Umut Gökcek
2018 | 2:37

Little girl is waiting for her brother to bring her new toys while she is playing and repairing the old ones. Her brother is a toy hunter and one day she will become a hunter just like her brother, she thinks. However, the truth is different from the world of this little girl. The boy is a worker who collects garbage. He gets out and starts looking for some good toys for his sister.

About Directors
I graduated from METU Industrial Design in 2011. I have been doing master degree in Animation in Anadolu University from 2013. I founded an animation company called “Hayali” with two friends and make animation works in the company.

Marmaris Kısa Film Festivali
İzmir Kısa Film Festivali

Senaryo Yunus Özmodanlı
Animasyon Orhan Umut Gökcek-Şeyma Kavak Gökçek
Karakter Tasarımı Orhan Umut Gökcek
Müzik Kevin MacLeod