Bencil Bey

Faruk Yağızhan Mısırlı
2016 | 2:30

There’s a beaver who’s not working on the dam which is being constructed by other beavers. He picks up the candlestick which is playing an important role for the dam. Therefore, dam collapses and the beaver’s house who got the candlestick gets destroyed.

About Director
I was born in Ankara and graduated from Ankara Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi. After that, I studied in Cahit Malçok art studio and graduated from Anadolu University’s Cartoon Department.

15. Uluslararası Çevre Kısafilm Festivali
Art All Night – Trenton 6th Annual Film Festival – 2017
Constantines Gold Coin – 2017
Pagdiriwang ng Alon ng Pelikula Wave of Films Festival – 2017
Prokuplje Short Film Festival – 2017
3. Anadolu Animasyon Fİlm Yarışması 2017

3. Anadolu Animasyon Fİlm Yarışması 3.lük ödülü

Senaryo Faruk Yağızhan Mısırlı
Animasyon Faruk Yağızhan Mısırlı
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