The Life of Nonreactive Man

Sercan Kule
2018 | 2:00

The television changed the view of reality with the change of the perception of reality and differentiated the reactions. How were they? Is there a border with the real and the fiction?

About Director
Sercan KULE was born in Manisa in 1990. He graduated from the Department of Radio,Television-Cinema in Istanbul Arel University. He continues his film works and also studies master education at Istanbul University.

Senaryo Sercan Kule
Animasyon Filiz Fidan
Yapımcı Umay Sevgi Vardar, Sercan Kule
Karakter Tasarımı Filiz Fidan, Sercan Kule
Ses Tasarımı Sercan Kule
Diğer Kurgu: Aytaç Şahin