Melek Dikilimustafa
2019 | 02:23

Bulut is a child who is subjected to violence from her family and lives in her own world. Bulut goes to her room with her father’s screaming and hangs her own dreaming picture on the wall and jumps to her bed to lie down. When she jumps into bed, she finds himself in the world of his imagination.


Yönetmen Hakkında
Melek, the director and creator of Bulut, is a 20 years old senior student at Dumlupınar University.
She was born and raised in Bursa but she is originally from Greece.
As an animation student, Melek is particularly interested in Stop Motion.
She does not neglect to travel and live in nature during her time out of school.
Bulut is Melek’s first stopmotion project. Every weekend from Kütahya
she went to Bursa and formed Bulut on the lower floor of her house.
Melek wants to make a lot of films using stop motion now and in the future.

Animation: Melek DİKİLİMUSTAFA
Production: Melek DİKİLİMUSTAFA
Character Design: Melek DİKİLİMUSTAFA
Stage Design: Melek DİKİLİMUSTAFA
Sound Design: Sena KARABULUT, Necati GÖK
Other: Emine Günay, Emine Açıkgöz