Ekin Koca
2019 | 7:08

Mahmut, an old kurdish goatherd, wanders in the mountains with his goats as is his custom. Despite the quiet life he leads he cannot escape from the conflict opposing the separatist guerilla to the turkish armed forces.


About The Director
Ekin Koca was born in Denizli (Turkey) in 1996. He moved to France at the age of 17 and started art studies after highschool with a preparatory year in Atelier de Sèvres (Paris). He then began studies in animation when accepted in École des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA) in Angoulême where he became more interested in cinema. Currently he continues studying animation in La Poudrière (Valence).

Carrefour de l’animation

Production: EMCA
Sound Design: Renaud Denis