Nesli Doğan ve Sezgin Öztürk
2019 | 3.40

Mira is a little girl who in deep jungle. She crushes a tiny blue bird with her hands in gaily and passes the jungle. Then the giant corn cob that can be flying – takes the little girl to the fantastic farm. When she throws a bale of hay to the heads of the cows – golden points increase madly.

Does Mira play this extreme and dangerous farm game or live?


About The Director
Nesli Doğan
Nesli was born in Uşak, 1984. She has finished Engineering Faculty and then she had worked in multinational companies on Marketing fields. Then she has established an Animation Studio that name is Makemake in Istanbul Turkey. She has been a producer in her studio Makemake since February 2016. Dere Zon is her first story is guaranteed and supported by Ministry of Culture in Turkey.

Sezgin Öztürk
Sezgin was born in Ankara, 1983. He was interested in Art and Comics at his tender ages. He has studied at Eskişehir Fine Arts High School in Painting area as a sign for his talent. Then, he has graduated from Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty Animation Department.Sezgin is an artist who’s known for his works in animation and VFX production studios such as Anima Istanbul. Also he has been working as a freelancer for the past several years in the animation sector. His talents include character design and illustration as well as character animation. He is also known as a Co-Founder of Anima Okul that is 3D Animation and VFX School. He has been a lecturer in the field of character animation in Anima Okul since 2013.

WOW Film Festival Tunisia 2019- Official Selection
Cefalù film festival 2019- Official Selection
9° Animare International Animated Short Film Festival 2019 – Official Selection
Cartoon Club 2019 – Official Selection
Overmountain Animation Festival 2019 – Official Selection
2nd Izmit International Short Film Festival 2019- Finalist

Script: Nesli Doğan
Animation: Samet Yarar
Production: Sezgin Öztürk
Character Design: Ferhat Çolakoğlu
Stage Design: Samet Yarar
Music: Ozan Kurtuluş
Sound Design: Mete Birgören