2017 |  04:25

One night 4 year old Dilek suddenly wakes up to dreams.


Emrah Bekdikli
Emrah Bekdikli (born in 1982), graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts School (2000-2005) carried out sculpture oriented works and joined group exhibitions. Following, he worked on illustration, 2 d animation and stop motion. Currently, he shares his illustrations, video and art works via his personal website, www.duygusalarbede.com


Script: Emrah Bekdikli
Animation: Emrah Bekdikli
Producer: Emrah Bekdikli
Character Design: Emrah Bekdikli
Stage Design: Emrah Bekdikli
Music: “Great Mind in My Backyard” – Dilek
Sound Design: Emrah Bekdikli