2016 |  05:00

What’s known as the ‘post-modern coup’ that took place in Turkey on February 28th 1997, had permanent effects on a young girl’s mind.


Koray Sevindi
Koray Sevindi lives in Istanbul. He studied engineering at ITU and directing at New York Film Academy. He worked as assistant director in several feature films, shorts, documentaries and commercials. His short films and animations have been screened at more than a hundred international festivals, winning him over twenty awards. His key films include The Head (2014) and Bread (2012).


Script: Koray Sevindi
Animation: Koray Sevindi
Producer: Hakan Sancaktutan
Character Design: Koray Sevindi
Stage Design: Koray Sevindi, Hasan Aktaş
Music: Nazım Çınar
Sound Design: Nazım Çınar

Altın Çınar Film Festivali, 2016, Türkiye, Jüri Özel Ödülü

!f İstanbul Bağımsız Filmler Festivali, 2017, Türkiye, Geceyarısı Türkiye Zamanı Seçkisi
Altın Çınar Film Festivali, 2016, Türkiye
Cartoon Club Rimini International Animation Film Festival, 2017, İtalya