Dreams and Feellings

Uğur Savaş
2018 | 7:55

A man arrives home in a troubled state of mind, lies down on the couch to sleep. He can neither sleep nor can stay awake due distress-filled and anxious term he is having. His dreams are colorful, exciting and fantastic but depressing as well. He is confronting the isolated times of his childhood, yearnful memories of his past relationship and maybe his deepest and darkest fears while his subconsciousness emerges.

About Director
Uğur Savaş was born in 1987, in Hatay. In 2005, after graduating from Avni Akyol Fine Arts Anatolian High School, he started his education in Mimar Sinan University of Fine arts, in the department of Sculpture. During his education, he took part in many mixed exhibitions and sculpting symposiums. After finishing his Master’s Degree in the same department in 2015, he started producing works, where he combines animation and sculpture, based on his thesis named: “Animated Sculpture”, and participated in various film festivals. Today, he continues his work on Sculpture and Animation in his own studio.

Senaryo Uğur Savaş
Animasyon Uğur Savaş
Yapımcı Uğur Savaş
Karakter Tasarımı Uğur Savaş
Sahne Tasarımı Uğur Savaş
Müzik Cansel Çoban, Nejat Dimili, Alp Tuğan, Meczup
Ses Tasarımı Uğur Savaş, Alp Tuğan