Faruk Yağızhan Mısırlı
2017 | 1:21

A fluffy sheep on a mountain not close to it’s flock to eat flowers instead of grass . There’s also a hungry eagle flying on sheeps. The flock is standing together against the hungry eagle when the eagle is coming for them. Alone sheep seems like an easy target but they’re all sheeps and being a sheep has no diffrence you are alone or not. Therefore the eagle takes the flock.

About Directors
I was born in Ankara and graduated from Ankara Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi. After that, I studied in Cahit Malçok art studio and graduated from Anadolu University’s Cartoon Department.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Quito
KisaKes (Cut It Short) Short Film Festival

Senaryo Faruk Yağızhan Mısırlı
Animasyon Faruk Yağızhan Mısırlı
Yapımcı Faruk Yağızhan Mısırlı
Karakter Tasarımı Faruk Yağızhan Mısırlı
Sahne Tasarımı Burak Haliloğlu
Müzik Cansu Atlar
Ses Tasarımı Faruk Yağızhan Mısırlı