The Hands

Yunus Yıldız
2019 | 02:52

The trauma of a man trying to escape from a war.


About The Director
I am yunus yıldız. I was born 25.10.1988 at east of Turkey in mardin/Nusaybin. I studied in animation school at Anadolu University. I currently work as a freelance artist as commissioned fine painter, concept artist, illustrator and animator. I have also worked as an animator and concept artist at animation and games studios, where I was involved with the creation and progression processes for the concept art and animation. Now i study master at Anadolu University animation school.

ANNY: Animation Nights New York
Cortodino Film Festival
FilmAid Film Festival

FilmAid Film Festival

Music: Kevin Macleod
Sound Design: Kevin Macleod