Gürkan Gürler
2019 | 2.32

The man finds himself in the middle of nowhere and starts to walk around with curiosity and hunger. Then some weird plants grows around him and he tastes a fruit from that plants. After a juicy and chanming experience he want to eat more fruits and goes on a surreal trip.


About The Director
Gürkan Gürler was born in Gaziantep, Turkey in 1994. Dropped Baskent University Department of Economics in 2014 and started to Bilkent University Department of Graphic Design. Started to work on Illustration, comics and 2d animation. Created the other short animations “Snack Time” and “The Entropy” in 2018. Graduated from Bilkent University May 2019.

Taichung International Animation Festival 2019 – Nominated for Student Short Films Award
CREEPY ANIMATION NIGHT 2019 – Animest, Romania

Production: Bilkent Üniversitesi