The Station

2017 |  04:53

A lonely man who lives and works at a train station for years, starts question his life and environment after a little mouse encounters his life. The mouse that becomes enemy for stealing his food, is perhaps the only living being who might be his true friend.


Serdar Çotuk
He started to study Animation at Dumlupınar University in 2010 and graduated in 2014 with the top degree in the department. In the following time he made his short films “Line”, “Flower”, “Worker”, “Stop”, “Stairs”, “The Station” and he has awards and special screenings with these films in national and international festivals. Presently, he is working in a corporate company as a character animator; also continues to show his success on his independent animation works and short films.


Script: Serdar Çotuk
Animation: Serdar Çotuk
Producer: Berat İlk
Character Design: Serdar Çotuk
Stage Design: Serdar Çotuk
Music: Ross Bugden
Sound Design: Serdar Çotuk

Great Message International Film Festival, En İyi Animasyon Ödülü – Hindistan 2017

The International Festival of Animated Arts “Multivision”, Finalist – 2017
3.Marmaris Kısa Film Festivali, Finalist – İzmir 2017
Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, Finalist – Belçika 2017
RoundGlass Samsara Environmental Film Festival, Finalist – Hindistan 2017
FROSTBITE International Film Festival, Finalist – ABD 2017
8th Underground Cinema Short Film Awards, Finalist – İspanya 2017
Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Finalist – İspanya 2017
Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Film Festival,Yarı Finalist – İstanbul 2017
Los Angeles CineFest, Finalist – ABD 2017
Les Films de la Toile, Finalist – Fransa 2017
Quito International Film Festival (FICQ), Finalist – İspanya 2017
8th Underground Cinema Short Film Awards, Finalist – İrlanda 2017
The Monthly Film Festival, Finalist 2017