Who Won?

Selime Coşkun
2018 | 11:00

Its an animation about a little sacrificing boy .The film begins with an exam question of a teacher in the classroom .”Who won?” Then the teacher opens a short film to the students. In that film, there is a child (little Muhammad Ali) guides a blind boy who is also blind to his real value .Little Muhammad Ali does some little sacrifincings for his friends in this little journey which means unnecessary for some people, but he does. When he grows up and becomes the greatest boxer (Muhammad Ali), he continues to do sacrifincings for people. At the end of the story, The blind one recognizes the real gem in himself and it becomes clear who will won in he end.


About The Director
This is Selime Coşkun.I was born in Istanbul/Turkey in 1991.When I graduated from highschool I began to learning animation by watching hundreds of videos on YouTube.After I learned it, I prepared music animation series for children many years.And now I am studying in Disaster and emergency Management as a second university.I am also an amateur film-maker and film editor and interested in 3D drawings and dijital painting. “Who Won?” is my first personal animation project,which is made in 2018

Mercy To Universe-Istanbul
CICFF-Cult Critic Movie Awards-India
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival-India
Lake View International Film Festival-India
Lebanese Independent Film Festival – LIFF 2019-Lebanon
Art Quake Kyoto-Creativity Biennale of art exhibition and film festival-Kyoto/Japan
MifVif Maracay International Film&Animation festival -Venezuela
Västerås Film Festival-Sweeden
Ottoman Film Festival -Istanbul
Louisville International Festival -United States
Mozi Motion Screenwriting Contest -Netherlands
Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival-India
2nd Izmit International Short Film Festival (IISFF)
Asian Cinematography Awards(ACA)-Philippines

Best Animation Award Winner -Mercy To Universe-Istanbul
Best short animation Finalist -2nd Izmit International Short Film Festival (IISFF)
Best animation Finalist -Asian Cinematography Awards(ACA)-Philippines

Music: Ender Güney – A Himitsu
Sound Design: Ender Güney – A Himitsu