A Sail on the Shore

Murat Can Yağbasan
2019 | 14:02

1400s of the Ottomans… Years of fight for the throne have weakened The Great Ottoman Empire; people were left to their fates, harsh taxes, hands of aghas. Borkluje Mustafa and Torlak Kamal who are scholars of Kadi of Simavna’s son, Sheikh Bedreddin, rebel to found an egalitarian order which will end injustice and poverty in regions they live in. Upon this, Padishah sends Prince Murad and Bayezid Pasha to suppress the rebellion.


About The Director
He was born in 1995 in Izmir. Studied graphic design in high school. Here he published a humor magazine with his friends. While making comic books, his interest turned towards animation design.

He took talent exams and won animation design at the Dokuz Eylül University. Here, he participated in short animation and comic book projects. Graduated in June 2019.

Script: Nazım Hikmet Ran
Animation: Murat Can Yağbasan
Production: Murat Can Yağbasan
Character Design: Murat Can Yağbasan
Stage Design: Murat Can Yağbasan
Music: Tuncel Kurtiz – Sema Moritz
Sound Design: Tayga Dua Vural