Harridan and The Fox

2017 |  04:20

A fox steals a harridans milk, furious harridan catches and takes foxs tail from it. When fox asks for his tail back, harridan wants her milk back. To get its tail back fox starts roaming to find milk for harridan. – This is a children story adaptaion of famous novel Nazım Hikmet Ran.


Yahya Özkan Akyürek
Yahya Özkan Akyürek was born in 1984 at Bursa/ TURKEY. Graduated from animation departmen of finearts faculty of Anadolu University’s license programme in 2009. Worked in Turkeys’ animation industry as a character animator. His working experience varied to commericals, tv series and feature films. Just graduated from animation post graduation programme at Anadolu University with his movie “Kocakarı ile Tilki”.


Script: Nazım Hikmet Ran
Animation: Yahya Özkan Akyürek
Producer: Yahya Özkan Akyürek
Character Design: Yahya Özkan Akyürek
Stage Design: Yahya Özkan Akyürek
Music: Turgut Onur Avdan
Sound Design: Turgut Onur Avdan
Voice Over: Elif Can Küçük