Damla Soysal
2018 | 4:00

Fici is daughter of a family living in a village in Kastamonu. She has a friend named Mürüvet. Mürüvet is also a chubby and voracious girl of the same age as the barrel. The most distinctive feature that separates the barrel from the Mürüvet is the feeling of march. The pitfalls established to catch sparrows in villages are called “trap”. One day, Fici, stands out in front of the window. Before long, a sparrow is trapped. Fici takes the sparrow, but she can’t kill to it. Her friend Mürüvet comes in full. When he saw that Fici catches the sparrows, her appetite swells up and she happily comes over to Fici and grabs the sparrow from her hands. She breaks the sparrow’s chin on her head and takes it to the stove for food. Fici is upset, but she’s used to it.
One day, the village’s head of Kiymik Hasan on the lap with the cock of Muharram see. The cock is very big and flashy. When Mürüvvet see the cock, she comes up with an idea. Capturing and cutting the cock and a nice feast. When Fici look at the Muruvvet, she understand what Muruvvet’s think. Muruvet will not do alone this job. Fici is anxious and excited. They cheat the cock with bait. But the cock makes a mess. Fici has already been regretted, but it is too late. Muruvvet does not let the cock follow her and cut off her head with a knife. The cock is dead. Fici is full of sadness, and Mürüvet is the horror pot. When he can not see the cock, Kiymik Hasan will break away and he will find out who in the end has lost his cock. Put the cock down and bury it. Fici cries, and Mürüvet’s mind is caught. In the meantime, the sound of Kiymik Hasan is heard, Fici and Muruvvet flee. Fici is under the influence of this situation and is watching out the window. A sparrow comes in front. She likes the sparrow and picks it up. Shakes hands while watching the flight and the window closes.

About Directors
She was born in Kadikoy, Istanbul on 03.07.1995. She completed her high school education in Istanbul Kartal Anadolu İmam Hatip Lisesi between 2009-2013. She graduated from the Visual Communication Design Department of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture of Sakarya University between 2013-2018.

Senaryo Damla Soysal
Animasyon Damla Soysal
Yapımcı Damla Soysal-Hasan Keskintaş
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