Arife Şeyma GÖK
2019 | 02:31

The film tells the story of a couple’s adventures in the Stone Age during their times. The film begins with the female main character being chased by a Dinocorn (dinosaur + unicorn) and the male main character rescuing her. But there is a big problem. A bad smell does not leave them.


Yönetmen Hakkında
Director Arife Şeyma GÖK is , Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Animation Film Design and Directing 4th grade student, and she is interested in illustrations and animation. The director, who has been developing his drawing adventure for many years, has tried to show his 3-year animation adventure with “KOKU” film.

Script: Arife Şeyma Gök, Cemile Evren
Animation: Arife Şeyma Gök, Cemile Evren
Production: Arife Şeyma Gök, Cemile Evren
Character Design: Arife Şeyma Gök
Stage Design: Arife Şeyma Gök
Music: Dexter Britain
Sound Design: Arife Şeyma Gök
Other: Cemile Evren