Mr. Lonely and Your Soul

2017 |  06:46

Surrealist dreams, otomatic drawing, gnostic idea and master Emile Cohl about

İlhami Tunç Gençer
Born in 1984, İlhami Tunç Gençer completed his secondary education in 50. Yıl Tahran High School. He later enrolled in the department of graphic design at Haliç University where he carried out works on photography and animation. In a photography contest organized by the University, he was awarded honourable mention, after which he began concentrating on producing animation works that would be presented throughout numerous festivals in the US and Europe. He also won the jury’s special award in Colombia’s young but prestigious film festival, Cinenautas Defilm. Regarding his animation movies, he received laudatory feedbacks from significant directors such as Alejandro Jodorowsky and Brent Green. He wrote automatist texts in the magazines, Peyniraltı and Siber Gnosis and nowadays he is working on a feature-length work.


young lgbti izmir retrospective screen 2017-turkey
In October 2017 i will participate at the surrealist exhbiition “Surrealism in the suburbs of Lisbon” in Portugal 2017
Miami epic festival official selection 2017-u.s.a
sanatta görünürlülük 4 selected 2017-turkey
bring your art 2 selected-turkey
AM Egypt film festival official selection 2017-egypt
coğrafyalararası anarşist film festivali official selection 2017-turkey
agf avantgarde festival official selection 2017-germany