Alper Salih
2018 | 8.55

Neşet who lost his family two years ago, couldn’t leave the home which they lived together and he continues to sleep in the beds of his children or wife. Since he got lonely, he goes to a cafe and pretends to be meeting with people who he doesn’t know. By doing that he tries to fulfill his needs or talking and to ascribe a meaning to what he has lived.

About Directors
Alper Salih, graduated from Istanbul Arel University Radio, TV and Cinema Department, has won several awards by his short movies. Later on he focused on stop motion and still working on this field.

Senaryo Alper Salih
Animasyon Alper Salih
Yapımcı Alper Salih
Karakter Tasarımı Alper Salih
Sahne Tasarımı Mert Yeral
Müzik Yok Öyle Kararlı Şeyler
Ses Tasarımı Selin Tümer