Sessiz Kahraman

Başak Tahmaz
2017 | 2:05

Hasan is someone who cannot speak and has fears. She is afraid to go out of the house and thinks people don’t understand her. Therefore, it does not communicate with anyone. Hasan spends his time with painting in his house. He builds his own world in his paintings and lives there. One day, there was no blank wall left in his house to hang his paintings. When his paintings do not fit on the walls, he plans to hang the new painting on the walls of his house’s porch. This situation is very difficult for him. Because he’il have to go out. There is an apprentice who constantly brings Hasan’s orders. He is worried about encountering with him or others when going to the veranda. Gets his courage. The new table goes out and hangs out. After a while, he gets used to it. His fear is reduced. Hasan tells people what they can not tell people in their paintings. She wants to share her paintings with people, to express herself in this way. Puts his important things in his backpack. He open the door and sets off for a long away from his safe house.

About Director
I was born in 1989 in Istanbul. I studied at the Department of Visual Communication Design at the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at Sakarya University. I work in the fields of animation and graphic design.

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