Endless Harmony

Cengiz Dallıkavak
2019 | 4.12

Old man walks into the forest with violin bag in hand and encounters mysterious statues on the road. The old man disappears in the woods. Suddenly, the fire starts in the woods, and strange-looking people run around and the man with the violin plays the endless harmony. The old man appears again, plays the endless harmony and smiles at the statue in front of him.


About The Director
Born in Ankara in 1996, Cengiz Dallıkavak completed his primary and high school education in Ankara. In 2018, he completed his undergraduate education at Gazi University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Visual Communication Design.

Business life; 3d animation classes, film and advertising projects are continuing.

Script: Cengiz Dallıkavak, Berk Devrim Özçelebi
Animation: Cengiz Dallıkavak
Production: Cengiz Dallıkavak, Berk Devrim Özçelebi
Character Design: Cengiz Dallıkavak, Berk Devrim Özçelebi
Stage Design: Cengiz Dallıkavak
Music: Bengü Cömert
Sound Design: Eren Karacan