Rabbit Blood

2016 |  04:36

Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish country house where its residents have an extraordinary way of brewing tea.


Yağmur Altan
Yağmur Altan is an animator and independent filmmaker from Istanbul, and living in London. Currently his full-time focus is on animation technologies such as face tracking, AR by day and he’s directing indie short animated films at nights. The face tracking technology he developed at a start-up company in New York got acquired by Oath in 2016, where he works as a principal designer. He wrote and directed his first animated short film Rabbit Blood during his MFA degree at SVA New York, making its World Premiere at Athens Animfest. Rabbit Blood got nominated and screened at many international film festivals, including the Oscar qualifying Montreal World Film Festival and New Orleans Film Festival. Awards include Best Animation at Istanbul Short Film Festival, Best Editing at Watersprite Film Festival and Award of Excellence at Catalina Film Festival. Yağmur is currently working on his 2nd animated short.


Script: Yağmur Altan
Animation: Yağmur Altan
Producer: Yağmur Altan
Character Design: Yağmur Altan
Stage Design: Yağmur Altan
Music: Mehmet Aydın
Sound Design: John Mattiuzzi

West End Film Festival 2017 – Best International Film
Watersprite Cambridge International Student Film Festival 2017 – Best Editing
Winter Film Awards 2017 – Best Animation
Ankara International Film Festival 2017 – 3rd Prize in Best Short Film
Kayseri Golden Sycamore Film Festival 2017 – Best Animation
Catalina Film Festival 2016 – Award of Excellence
Istanbul International Short Film Festival 2016 – Best Animation

Istanbul Film Festival 2017
!f Istanbul 2017
Montreal World Film Festival 2016
New Orleans Film Festival 2016
Indie Memphis Film Festival 2016
CutOut Fest 2016
Bogota Film Festival 2017
Zlin Film Festival 2017
KuanDU Animation Festival 2017
Be There! Corfu Animation Festival 2017