The Eye

Cenk Köksal
2018 | 2:00

The character wakes up in a laboratory where seems an accident has happened. But there is something missing. Or misplaced?

About Director
Born in Istanbul, 1981.
Graduated from Anadolu University Animation Department by making his first short “Talented Mr Köksal” in 2004. Worked as storyboard artist, cel animator and clean-up artist in cartoon projects. Later became 3d animator and animation director for Tv commercials.
Living and working in London.

Senaryo Cenk Köksal
Animasyon Cenk Köksal
Yapımcı Cenk Köksal
Karakter Tasarımı Cenk Köksal
Sahne Tasarımı Nur Diker
Müzik Utkucan Eken
Ses Tasarımı Lister Rossel