Bounce Along

Cansu Atlar, Faruk Yağızhan Mısırlı
2019 | 01:19

A story which tells about two dogs growing together chasing a ball while showing the importance of friendship which survives time.


About The Director
Cansu Atlar
I was born in 1994, Turkey. I graduated from conservatoire in 2013. I have always had an interest in cartoon animation and decided to study it at university. After studying graphic for two years I transferred to the cartoon and animation department. And I graduated from Anadolu University Cartoon and Animation department in 2019.

Faruk Yagizhan Misirli
I was born in Ankara in 1993 and lived there. I’ve studied at fine art highschool in Ankara and my major is cartoon and animation at Anadolu University in Eskişehir/ Turkey.

Script: Cansu Atlar
Animation: Cansu Atlar, Faruk Yağıhan Mısırlı
Character Design: Cansu Atlar
Music: Giochhino Rossini, William Tell Overture