Alican Dumanlıdağ
2018 | 4:50

In a summer evening,Refik who returned from work comes home. He hears the song on his radio and he is sad. He takes the fan on the table and he tries to fresh. During this time he looks like very happy. Years pass. Refik reads a book on an evening. Suddenly ventilator fails and stops to work. Refik gets angry so much . He tries to open the ventilator but he can not be successful. He is obliged to use his fan. But in this time he is not happy,he is angry. Years pass. The technology develops. Old Refik has a air conditioner for fresh. One morning he sits in his living room. This time air conditioner fails and closes. Old Refik is obliged to use his ventilator that he became angry because of it fails years ago. But this time he is not happy, he is angry. A message comes to his cell phone. ” Happines you are looking for cannot be reached anymore. Please do not try again. ” writes.

About Directors
He was born in İzmir in 1998. He finished highschool internship in Yaşar University Media Center Department. He graduated Adnan Menderes University Junior Technical College Animation Department in 2018. He assumed the task short film’s editing and visual effect jobs recorded in İzmir. He interested in animation since little ages and he carry on his animation works since highschool years.

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