O!PLA- 2019 women director films


2018, 17′, Non-dialogue  

DIRECTING: Julia Płoch

SCRIPT: Julia Płoch

EDITOR: Julia Płoch

MUSIC: Mikołaj Tkacz

ANIMATION: Julia Płoch

PRODUCTION: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych, Pracownia Filmu Animowanego

The films action is based on a myth of a hero’s journey. The film’s action takes place over a large lake, one of it’s banks is inhabited by frogs. They tell stories about the ancient God –  huge Catfish, living on the other side of the waters. In the movie we follow the fate of two characters: Red Frog – a mythical hero who left home seeking the truth in his kin’s beliefs, and Little Frog – a child who wants to follow in his hero’s footsteps. As the plot reveals itself their fates are intertwined and some of the secrets are dissolved


2018, 9′, Non-dialogue  

DIRECTING: Ewa Drzewicka

SCRIPT: Ewa Drzewicka

EDITOR: Ewa Drzewicka

MUSIC: Michał Fojcik



Life in Krakow goes slowly. Pigeons fly, and the lady with the Krakow’s pretzels waits for the hungry tourists. HE watches over the security of the city, but the danger is hanging in the air.


2018, 9’ 35”, Non-dialogue

DIRECTING: Weronika Banasińska

MUSIC: Adam Skrzypkowski

SOUND: Adam Skrzypkowski 

PRODUCER: Animation Film Studio in Kraków

A girl visits a mysterious place which appears to be her inner self. In her journey into sensory exploration excitement soon turns into feelings of anxiety, as overstimulation finally throws her into a child-like state.



2017, 2’, Non-dialogue  

DIRECTING:  Kamila Kasprzykowska


Multiple copies in specific order of one simple form create new shapes, suprising the viewer. Today’s world, full of digital tools, not only can help create new forms, but also inspire us to find new ones.



2018, 4’, Non-dialogue  

DIRECTING: Karolina Specht

SCRIPT: Karolina Specht

EDITOR: Karolina Specht

MUSIC: Paweł Cieślak

ANIMATION: Karolina Specht



At first glance, it seems that SQUARE lives among chaos and andless changes. But next, we can notice that the systems in which he functions, are constantly repeated, introduce a routine, hypnotize without allowing any movement. Once, a new element sneaks into the pattern, which for a moment will allow SQUARE to look a little differently at reality.

SQUARING THE CIRCLE is full of graphic metaphors, a semi-abstract story about an impossible feeling.



2018, 5’, Non-dialogue  

DIRECTING: Paulina Ziółkowska

SCRIPT: Paulina Ziółkowska

EDITOR: Piotr Baryła

MUSIC: Max Litvinov

ANIMATION: Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna


Everyone gets sick of everyone. But things become really bad when you get sick of yourself.


2019, 5’, Non-dialogue  

DIRECTING, SCRIPT: Natalia Spychała

ANIMATION: Natalia Spychała, Urszula Domańska, Katarzyna Adamkiewicz

PRODUCTION: Szkoła Filmowa im. Krzysztofa Kieślowskiego


Hypnotizing pendulum sets a particular mechanism in motion. A figure appearing fragmentarily, space and a variety of objects form a rhythmic system of mutual dependence. Sound interweaves with image, creating music of repetitive events. 


2018 / 2’42”, Non-dialogue

DIRECTING: Magdalena Marchocka 

A short story about loneliness, metaphorical confinement and overcoming once’s fear.


2017 / 5’18”, Non-dialogue

DIRECTING & SCRIPT:  Valeria Dakhovich Molchanova

A young man trapped in a daily routine where every single day is so very similar to the previous one


2017 / 4’31”, Non-dialogue

DIRECTING: Aleksandra Lekszycka

An unofficial animated music video of Crossfire – STEPHEN.