Orhan Büyükdoğan

Born in 1935. Turkish Cartoonist, Animator and Director.

Orhan Büyükdoğan, one of the first animators in Turkey, graduated in 1960 from the Painting program at the Academy of Fine Arts. As many other cartoonists of the era, he produced animations for advertising agencies. Among his most renowned commercials are the Eti Biscuits film with the famous slogan “I have a puzzle for you, kids” and the 1975 “Is the building manager asleep?” İzocam commercial. Büyükdoğan is one of the founders of the Animation Department at Anadolu University. He is the recipient of the Children’s Foundation’s 1992 AKM Animation Award. Having founded the Orhan Büyükdoğan Cartoon Studio, he has produced projects for the state-owned Turkish Radio and Television Corporation and the Ministry of Culture. Among these films are “Dede Korkut,” “Bamsı Beyrek” and an environmental awareness series consisting of thirteen episodes. Wooden men, glass men and paper men are among the artist’s famous cartoon series. Quant-Art paintings, produced with a unique, personal technique, are among his original works. His interests include quantum, classical music and Sufism.