Tribute to Meral Erez

In 1972, Meral Erez graduated from the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting of Mimar Sinan University, she got interest in animation after her graduation and generally made short films along with Cemal Erez. In 1976-1977, with a scholarship from the Italian State, she both studied at the Istituto delle Belle Arti (Institute of Fine Arts) in Urbino, Italy and produced a 4-minute cartoon called Il Gatto (Cat).

Between the year of 1979 and 1982 she had her master’s degree in Paris at Université de Paris VIII in Cinema and Plastic Arts department. She lives between Istanbul and Paris since1979 and connects the both sides of animation and cinema with Cemal Erez. Lastly together with Cemal Erez created a 7.5 minute film for French TV France 2. Being the original name of the film as Echecs had shown in second channel of French television (France 2)in a program known as “Short Stories” (Histoires Courtres). Between years of 1992 – 1997 she worked as academician in Eskişehir Anatolian University of Fine Arts Faculty for Animation Department. Her lectures caused to create the graduation films of students within the scope of project Film Language and Film Management. In 1995, in the Z-1 Cartoon Workshop that director Yavuz Özkan was the founder, she gave ‘cartoon’ course with an understanding based primarily on the cinematic dimension.

Meral Erez in 2000 took the role of a jury in the most important festival and market of the animation world in France which is the Annecy International Film Festival Short and Feature Film Competition. In the years 2003 and 2004 she gave the lectures of “Entrance to Cinema and Cinema of Animation” to first grade students private visual arts college of Lisaa.
Since 2007, she has been working at Kadir Has University, Faculty of Communication and Department of Advertising. She teaches “Visual Expression” and “Creativity”.