Canlandıranlar Animators Festival

The feature film of Canlandıranlar Festival is the new film (2013) of the guest Alessandro Rak; The Art of Happiness (L’arte della felicità).

The first run of this film 2D/3D hybrid helmed film was in the 70.Venice Film Festival.  

The story of the film is about two brothers, two continents, two lives…but one soul! The day Neapolitan taxi driver Sergio receives a letter containing bad news, he is confronted with his past. And what he sees is a lonely man of forty who has turned his back on his life as a musician and a dear brother. Regrets and buried memories surge forth from his taxi, but perhaps there is a glimmer of hope.



Raindance Festivali 2013

Director: Alessandro Rak

Screenplay:  Alessandro Rak, Luciano Stella

Producer: Luciano Stella

Animation:  Ivan Cappiello

Music: Antonio Fresa, Luigi Scialdone

Characters and storyboard: Dario Sansone